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to the world by train

To the world of personalized travel

To the world by train

To the world of custom travel  

Overseas Travel

USA, Japan, China
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Overseas travel: USA, Japan, China
Trans-US train travel (A-1)

1. A fruitful trip to see the world's best city (New York), the beautiful nature and mountains of relaxation in the deep mountains (Denver, Rocky Mountain), and cities (San Francisco, Silicon Valley) where the world's most advanced technologies are gathered

2. Classy and comfortable train journey to see the most beautiful scenery that crosses the continent from east to west.

3. The best trip that allows you to change your view of life with just one visit. (Have a worldview)

Ivy League Tour (A-2)

1. A tour to see and experience the world's best universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale)

2. A cultural trip immersed in American culture (New York, Washington, Boston, etc.)

3. Time travel to think about your past, present, and future
4. Experiential travel where you can stay and eat at a world-class hotel
5. Learning trip with world-class students


 Silicon Valley Exploration (A-3)

1. Explore the city of technology that produces global rejection.

2. A fantasy trip to see the Golden Gate Bridge at a glance (become the main character in the movie)

3. Experience the joy of riding a cable car in the city.

4. Become a foodie at the port, including seafood.

5. There is also the joy of shopping in downtown.


Warship Island History Tour (J-1)

1.3 Short-distance overseas trip of 4 days and nights.

2. Light travel for families, lovers, and small groups

3. See and experience the warship island

4. Ferry travel and travel through Japan    

5. A trip where you can have good memories of comfort and pleasure together


An emotional trip to enjoy leisurely 1.5 to 7 days

Let's travel by train to 2.3 representative cities.

3. Taste the uniqueness of the island nation.

4. A healing journey with purity of mind in a beautiful scenery 

5. Feel the neighboring country as it is.


1.1.2 to 3 days short trip

2. Emotional travel where you can feel the power of the continent

3. Contributing to enriching the spirit for groups and unity

4. Kiwoom travel to see the big world and nurture thoughts and hearts

5. Let's look at the center of China's power

1. Journey to the spiritual mountain of the nation

2. Find the weather of Goguryeo

3. Receive the energy of the beginning in your body.

4. The Chinese we see, the Koreans we see are... .

5. A historical tour to trace the footsteps of our ancestors


domestic travel

Weekend custom trip

Korean landmarks


Korean food


Korea's famous temple


Korean market place


Korean mountain


Korean river


Guesthouse Affiliate Seoul Tour

Take a tour


Sightseeing Tour (Enlightenment)


Forbidden City tour


Shopping, food tour


Museum Tour (Culture)


parks, amusement facilities


​  event travel
Boracay Tour (s-1) 
Finland Aurora Tour (s-2)
Overseas soccer tour (s-3)
J (Japan)
C (China)
 Beijing, Great Wall Tour (C-1)
Baekdusan and Yalu River tour (C-2)
Long-distance train travel in Japan (J-2)
​    Japanese Warship Island Topbang (J-1)
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